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Joint health frequency conversion among the ten leading global energy equipment technology"

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Joint health frequency conversion among the ten leading global energy equipment technology"

Recently, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of industry, the National Energy Board issued a "Chinese 2025 energy equipment manufacturing plan", in order to cultivate and improve the ability of independent innovation of energy equipment, promote energy revolution and energy equipment manufacturing industry upgrading. To this end, the "energy frontier" summary of the ten major global energy equipment technology, to solve the world's serious environmental pollution problems and resource depletion problem is of great significance. In the field of energy revolution and energy equipment manufacturing industry upgrade campaign, hiconics keep pace with the times, to participate, to provide strong support equipment in the global energy equipment ten cutting-edge technology in deep sea research and nuclear fusion research project.

Hiconics to explore the deep sea Research Laboratory of Shanghai Jiaotong University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, one of the Key Laboratory of national marine engineering, has a number of scientific research laboratories. The deepwater offshore basin hiconics cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University is the first deepwater offshore basin in china. The experimental pool can simulate the marine environment of wind, wave and current, and provide strong support for the development and utilization of marine renewable energy in our country. At the same time, the test cell has the wave making system, wave elimination system, the flow system, the wind system, the water depth adjustment system and so on.



Figure 1 the marine deep water experimental pool and the frequency converter room of Shanghai Jiao Tong University



Hiconics according to the site of Shanghai Jiaotong University deepwater tank project, the project provides a 10kV input voltage of 6 6kV output power in Taiwan in accordance with the site standard conversion of the high voltage inverter 800kW, 6 sets of high-pressure water pump driven flow system made Yu Haiyang a major role in deepwater experimental pool generated in the flow field in the tank, and to meet user needs of the adjustment of the motor speed. This is not only to ensure the normal operation of the marine deep water experimental pool of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, but also for the deep sea research in China has made some contributions.

Co Kang frequency conversion service Nuclear Industry Southwest Institute of physics optimization of nuclear fusion research laboratory equipment

"The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) plan" is China's reform and opening up have the opportunity to participate in the largest multilateral international cooperation projects in science and engineering. At the beginning of July, Southwest Institute of Physics Institute of fusion science and the French Atomic Energy Commission scientists in Chengdu, experimenting with a new antenna will be a microwave guide to the "artificial sun" experimental device (Chinese circulator No. two A device upgrade China converter two M (HL-2M)), to explore the the temperature is 55 million degrees Celsius "artificial sun" to a higher temperature.

Figure 2. Southwest Institute of nuclear industry "artificial sun" and field frequency converter


In this experiment, Southwest Institute of physics science by fusion of high power and high voltage VVVF system and air-water cooling central control system hiconics, intelligent driving 8500kW motor VVVF, meet the different conditions of the discharge pulse generator set start, tracking and re acceleration requirements, and to ensure that the magnetic confinement fusion experimental device in China circulation is two M (HL-2M) adequate supply of energy, to ensure the smooth progress of the experiment. Hiconics in scientific experiments so strong, for my involvement and proud.

Energy equipment is the carrier of energy technology, and it is the core part of equipment manufacturing industry. In the era of development, the urgent need to reform and improve the level of traditional energy equipment, new energy equipment manufacturing industry is emerging, energy equipment in our country are facing severe challenges, innovation and core technology will become the current problems in the development of energy equipment industry breakthrough. Hiconics as China's energy technology product leader, keep pace with the times, adhere to innovation, quality as the fundamental, to advocate green power and transmission technology, and contribute to the sustainable development of the country, to create a new generation of green energy industry China!

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