As one of the most important parts of product quality, SUNYE attaches great importance to service and support to customers and pays most attention to customer satisfaction at the same time. To provide customers with timely, reliable and satisfactory service is the tradition SUNYE has been adhering to. To make response to your service demands at the fastest speed, our professional technology team will provide 7 × 24 hours of uninterrupted service timely. Our experienced technical service staff will provide you with the most professional solutions as well as the most efficient on-site processing.

We provide timely and reliable after-sales service and do work in an attitude of being serious and responsible for every user from the installation and commissioning of the frequency conversion system to the upgrade and maintenance of post-phase equipment. Since when our frequency conversion system arrives at your work place, you can contact us when you encounter any problems.After-sales

Service Includes:

1. Product Installation and Commissioning: (1) Installation: Guide the user to complete laying equipment, the installation of large components, and layout of related devices. (2) Peripheral examination: Finish the inspection work of all wiring and before equipment commissioning, maintenance of the operating environment, etc. (3) Static Commissioning: Finish interlocking test, control test, parameter setting of frequency converter and related equipment, etc. after control electricity is on (4) Dynamic Commissioning: Make a comprehensive inspection under hot standby mode after high-voltage electricity is on. No-load running with motor: To ensure that the rotation direction of the motor and equipment runs normally and function responses are normal when changing parameters, etc.; on-load running with motor: Adjust frequency converter output, monitor frequency converter and on-load status, test operation for 24 hours after ensuring the operating point and then put into normal operation.

2. User Training: After ensuring that your equipment has run stably, our engineers will give systematic training to related technical principals and operators on site, introduce our products in detail and emphasize relevant considerations, which are helpful for future production operations, equipment maintenance and simple troubleshooting.

3. Maintenance and Upgrade: Within the warranty period specified in the contract, any problems occurred on the frequency converter will be resolved by us for free. Now, SUNYE has set up offices in all provinces and cities of China. When your equipment has any problems, our technical service personnel will arrive at the site within the shortest time and solve problem for you ASAP, so as to ensure your production goes on smoothly. If the warranty period expires, we will charge corresponding maintenance and spare parts fees. We provide lifelong free upgrade for the main program within the core controller of the frequency converter and ensure your frequency conversion system running is in the best status.



4. Personalized Service: As we are well aware of the importance of production, we will always consider questions in the users’ point of view. After your frequency conversion system runs formally, you can contact our after-sales service personnel whenever you encounter any problems and we will strive to resolve them for you.



Technical Support: 86-0-13602510685/ 13602510695